TL Sports continue a tiered entry fee system for all our 2019 events.

As athletes ourselves we aim to keep the entry fee’s as sensible as we can, although there are small increases every 2-3 years as the race costs increase. This tiered system still offers you the chance to enter earlier in the year at the same or even less than previous years. View our main website for other events

JUNE 16th Races; (Full prices are listed, however; the discount periods are listed below)

June 16th Sprint Race BTF Aff £52 BTF Affiliated / £55 non-affiliated
Kids & Adults Aquathlons (swim/runs) £22 Novice, £25 TriStar Kids 

Nov 2017-Jan 1st 2019 - 20% Discount

Jan 1st - March 30th 2019 - 10% Discount

March 30th - May 5th - 5% Discount

After 5th May - Full Price

September 1st Races; (Full prices are listed, however; the discount periods are listed below)

Sprint distance btf affiliated                £52.00
Sprint distance btf non-affiliated         £55.00
Sprint distance relay team                 £80.00

Standard distance btf affiliated :         £63.00
Standard distance btf non-aff             £67.00
Standard distance relay team:            £80.00

Middle distance btf aff                         £90.00
Middle distance btf non aff:                 £94.00
Team relay middle distance                 £95.00




Nov 2017-Jan 1st 2018 - 20% Discount

Jan 1st - 20th May - 10% Discount

20th May - 21st July -  5% Discount


After 21st July - Full Price


Please note ActiveWorks registration do charge a service fee for each online entry. Please email if you have any registration queries or issues.


Non-affiliated prices include the BTF day license. Affiliated athletes will be required to show a valid race license on race day.


Refund / Deferral Policy (PDF) for all TL Sports Events.  visit for other events.




Race timing by UK Sports Timing

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